Sunday, February 1, 2015

SCHMUCK with BLANCOjewellery Munich 2015

11th  - 15th of March 2015
Steinstrasse 59, München, Germany

Aaron Patrick Deacker, Anke Huyben,
 Babs Zwanink, Christie Schellings, Steven Gordon Holman

Behind the facade

‘happy’ is the new ultimate/ truth

Real emotions can’t been shown now a days. Everybody has different emotional aspects, which one do you show? The social accepted polished version or the more complex but real one. How far are you willing to go for creating a perfect version of yourself? The social presure of being the positive person all the time takes it’s tone. People get estranged and nobody knows the real you anymore. 

I believe that a person can only be who they truly are, if they open up to their whole personality and the emotions it beholds. Lose the façade, show your true emotions and share your story!

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