Monday, March 10, 2014

Schmuck with BLANCOjewellery in Munich 2014

12th  - 18th of March 2014
Frauenstraße 18, München, Germany

Anke Huyben, Anne Eissen, Babs Zwanink, 
Christie Schellings, Sangji Yun

fragile volatility

The increasing digital world leaves his marks on our daily lives. The volatility of those thousand of photo images floating around like a 'blur' in the air. Where are all those things that we wanted to preserve by capturing it with a camera? I want to cherish the tangible and let people see the fragility in both the analog and digital world. By wearing it you still get the sense of reality and preciousness, which is lost in the digital world. You can preserve the purity of capturing the moments by treasuring the piece with love and care, to never forget that fragile things are there to cherish. 

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